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There have been a lot of new enhancements to Trimble Business Center recently. These new enhancements include many new survey oriented tools, as well as a new module to work with. To help get the message out of what has all been recently added to TBC, below is a list of most of the major enhancements for the last few releases, and for the newest release, 3.30. Please refer to the release notes, linked below, for additional information or specifics on the new tools and functionality.

TBC Version 3.20 (warranty date of April 1, 2014 or later)

v3.20 Release Notes


  • Support for simple point averaging

  • Support for transformations (rotate, translate, scale) of survey data

  • Explode merged points

  • Simple mean for sideshot computations

  • Support for importing Description 1 and Description 2 fields from Trimble Access

  • Horizontal and vertical precisions included in GIS export

  • Support to define command shortcuts


  • Create rectangles

  • Export to older versions of Trimble SketchUp

  • New CAD block functionality


  • Shade triangles by slope value

  • Support to swap surface triangles

  • Export surface slope arrows

  • Multi-segment surface slice

Point Clouds:

  • Support for creating Point Cloud Regions

  • Point cloud clipping support

  • Support to set the scan point size


  • Trimble V10 calibration Check


TBC Version 3.21 (warranty date of June 1, 2014 or later)

v3.21 Release Notes

New Coordinate System Manager:

  • 64-Bit support

  • Support for Snake Grid systems

  • Support for Broadcast RTCM

Advanced Drafting Module:

  • Create a project plan set

  • Build cross-section sheets & custom sheets

  • Print sheets from plan set

  • Create 3D .pdf deliverables


  • Custom V10 Workflow & Bridge Inspection ribbons

  • Support for polygon selection of data


TBC Version 3.22 (warranty date of June 1, 2014 or later)

v3.22 Release Notes

Bentley/Trimble design to construction workflow:

  • Support and integration for Bentley ProjectWise

  • Support for Bentley iModel (.icm.dgn) files

  • Seamless import into TBC projects

Advanced Drafting Module:

  • Support for surfaces & images in Dynaviews


TBC Version 3.30 (warranty date of October 1, 2014 or later)

v3.30 Release Notes


  • Support for full traverse adjustments and reporting

  • Trimble InSphere Data Marketplace

  • Support for ESRI shape file import

  • Support for smooth curve feature codes

  • Lineweight support

  • Show/hide individual point labels


  • Support for Trimble V10 HDR images

  • Support for TSC3 and Trimble V10 integration

Point Clouds:

  • Sub-sample point cloud on export

Spectra Precision:

  • Support for FAST Survey jobs with coordinate systems

  • Support for Focus 30 data

  • Survey Pro roading support

For more information on these new features, contact your local sales representative.