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In this Tech Talk we guide you through the basic steps of using a local site calibration with Trimble’s TerraSync Field Software.

A site calibration calculates parameters for transforming WGS-84 coordinates into local grid coordinates.  This is very beneficial when working on a project that requires you to run a coordinate system not included in the default list or a localized coordinate system.  This could include projects such as pit mines, quarries, construction sites or any time there is not a defined coordinate system provided by default in Trimble’s Coordinate System Manger.


  1. Save Site Calibration in Trimble Business Center
  2.  Export Local Site from Coordinate System Manager
  3.  Connect data collector to computer and make sure that TerraSync is NOT open.
  4. Open GPS Pathfinder Office and export Coordinate System .csw file created in Step3. using Data Transfer Utility
  5.  Disconnect data collector from computer and launch TerraSync Field Software
  6. Change Coordinate System to Local Site and make any necessary settings
  7. Verify you are now operating on a local site by checking into control