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I’ve put together a quick how-to video on  converting raw data files to an SSF format.  This is done through Trimble’s Data Tansfer Utility by creating a GIS Folder.  This can be a very handy option if field users email you raw data files collected with TerraSync or if you receive raw data files stored on an SD Card.  This will allow you to convert the raw files to an SSF format for use in Trimble’s GPS Pathfinder Office Software.





Please note:



The GPS Pathfinder Office software supports all SSF format files, which typically have .SSF, .COR, or .PHS extensions.

The GPS Pathfinder Office software handles coordinates in the SSF file as follows:

All SSF files are stored in the latitude/longitude coordinate system, using the WGS-84 datum. SSF files are transformed into the currently configured coordinate system. If the currently configured coordinate system is a local site, the site adjustment will be included in the transformation.