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Our Friends at MyTopo have recently announced the release of TNP 10.0 and TNPe, the Enterprise version of TNP.  TNP 10.0 and TNPe have been in development for over a year now. The Enterprise product has been both challenging and rewarding to produce. Facilitating user collaboration has been our mission. We wanted to ensure that many mobile devices could move data through the cloud to many desktops. With the 10.0 release, an organization can segregate data collection or creation based upon teams. In addition, TNPe supports full team tracking from both the desktop and the mobile. Any desktop or mobile device can visualize all team members in near real time.

They have made it easy to manage TNP licenses and users directly by creating an expanded web portal @ www.terrainnavigator.com. As a TNP or TNPe customer, you now have complete visibility into your users, devices, desktops, and licenses. The TNPe administrator can create or manage teams, change user assignments, add/or remove privileges from users and much more.

Also, did you know that TNP mobile is Compatible with Trimble Juno 5/T41 Android devices? Using the Trimble Juno T41 Enhanced system, we are seeing around 1-1.5m accuracy!