Take your surveying and mapping to the next level with TopoRoll.

Take advantage of the IMU in your GNSS receiver — now you can have a wheel or a point at the same rod height with the lightweight TopoRoll.

This lightweight accessory with standard 5/8th x 11 threads will attach to your survey rod and allow you to use the tip that’s already on your pole. Measure single points or flip the tool around and have a wheel for easier feature mapping. The wheel mode also serves as a Topo shoe when shooting sensitive or soft surfaces.


Price: $295

How do I switch modes?

TopoRoll uses 2 pins for operation. To switch modes, just pull one pin (either one) and it will allow the assembly to rotate 180 degrees. Pulling both pins is only used for clearing out debris that may get trapped.

How much height does this add to the range pole?

Ordering an optional Seco 5125-22-XXX range pole will give you the ability to lock the rover rod at 1.8M. This plus the .15M of the TopoRoll will give you a very similar weight distribution and height to a traditional 2M GPS pole.

Does TopoRoll add errors to my solution?

Using this accessory inherently will add a bit of error in the solution when the pole is tilted at significant angles. This is the reason a smaller wheel is used to reduce the amount of error added. Creating a new Survey Style / Instrument setup with the modified rod height will make it so you don’t have to change the rod height for use with TR.


Dimensions: Height: 26.5 mm / Width: 6 mm

Weight: 12.75 oz

Rod Height: .15M change to Rod height.
Same rod height in wheel or point mode.

Rod Opening: 33 cm

Tip Attachment: Standard 5/8th x 11 threads

TopoRoll is a tool used for more detailed and efficient mapping and surveying needs. This video gives viewers an idea of how TopoRoll works along with some of the applications.

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