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The latest version of Trimble Access, version 2013.00, has just been released. Here are a few of the new features to the software.

1.) New look to the Access menus: Previous pop-up lists are now presented as menu buttons. The menu buttons provide easier selection. A symbol (a small black arrow) has been added to the end of the survey style name when starting a survey, indicating that further action is required before the survey will start. A symbol (a small black square) has been added to the end of the options that end the surveys, indicating that no further action is required.









2.) Volumes & Areas: Support has been added for a new volume method called Surface Area. This method enables a volume to be calculated from a selected surface and a specified material depth.

NOTE: The 3D surface area is also displayed.









3.) Re-measuring a GNSS position: Two new behaviors are supported when measuring a position with excess tilt or excess movement:

– Automated behavior: A new Auto Abandon option has been added to a GNSS survey type for Topo Point and Observed Control Point. When selected, points measured using a GNSS receiver with a built-in tilt sensor that experiences excess tilt, or for all receivers, excess movement, during the measurement process will be abandoned and the measurement process restarted.  

– Manual behavior: A new Re-measure option has been added enabling points that experience excess tilt or excess movement during the measurement process to be discarded and re-measured. Previously you could only continue and store the point, or discard the measurement. This option is available for all points measured using a GNSS receiver with a built-in tilt sensor that experiences excess tilt, or for all receivers, excess movement during the measurement process. The pole should be leveled again before tapping re-measure.


For more information, look at the version 2013.00 release notes.