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An exciting new feature to Trimble Access Software Maintenance Agreements was announced last week at the 2012 Trimble Dimensions user conference. Now, when you purchase a standard one year software maintenance agreement for Trimble Access, you get free use of the Trimble Access Services, including AccessSync!

 AccessSync is a tool within Trimble Access that allows you to sync your controller’s files in near real time back to the office. This allows you to transfer job files, text and .csv files, system files, images, .etc back and forth from the office to the controller without the use of email. These files update every 30 seconds and will automatically transfer. All that is needed is an internet connection at the controller. The service also recognizes if the user is receiving corrections (VRS) through that same cellular connection, and adjust the transfer rate as needed so the correction stream doesn’t get interrupted.

 On the office side, users can create Trimble Connected Community Organizations to set up user and file spaces for the management and transferring of data. There will be one Site Manager login, which can then create up to 100 user logins. The TCC Organization allows users to do file conversions, manage users and sites, AccessSync for file transfers, register devices, and perform GNSS forecasts.

 For more information, contact your local sales representative.

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