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We are very excited about the new release of Trimble Business Center 3.60. This release is jam-packed with many exciting features, some of which have come directly from end-user requests! Below is a breakdown of a few of the new features in 3.60. For the full list of new features and additional information, please refer to the 3.60 Release Notes. If you wish to upgrade to this new version, don’t forget to check your TBC license expiry date. You will need to have an expiry date of September 1, 2015 or later to install this version. If you are in need of a warranty upgrade, please contact your local sales representative. 


Import leveling data from non-Trimble levels 

Use the Custom Importer to import leveling data from a data file captured by any leveling instrument. Use the Level Editor to adjust your runs and include the results in the point computation and network adjustment together with other optical and GNSS data in your project.


View timestamp for optical observations

View the timestamp for optical observations in the Properties pane, Optical spreadsheet, Custom ASCII exporter, and Advanced Select pane.


Support for horizontal/vertical offsets for linear features

Use a new line feature control code to specify the horizontal, vertical, or horizontal and vertical offsets “on the fly” from the measured location, which results in multiple lines being created, saving time in the field. This allows you to collect geometry for multiple features in one shot because you are physically visiting just one feature, saving you significant amount of time in the field.


Associate label styles with to feature codes

Export label styles from TBC and import them into the Feature Definition Manager application where they can be used to assign labels to point, line, and polygon feature definitions. When the resulting feature definition FXL file is imported into TBC and the feature codes processed, all of the features are automatically labeled using the associated style.


Process feature codes “on the fly”

Save time and work more efficiently by being able to edit feature codes at any time, even if feature code processing has been performed in your project (no need to first remove processing results). Changes are automatically processed the next time the project is computed, without re-running the entire feature code process.


Coordinate System Grouping by Country

Coordinate systems are now grouped by country for easier management.


Visual running snap indicators

When using running snaps to create CAD objects, snap point visual indicators are displayed in the Plan View, making it easier to select snap points in existing geometry. In addition, the Running Snap Mode Options dialog now includes the following additional running snap options: Near Point, Midpoint, Perpendicular Point, Center Point, and Tangent Point. This allows for much easier use of the software and provides confidence that you are snapping on the desired location when creating CAD elements.


CAD entity grips

You can select to display entity grips on linestrings, polyline segments, rectangle segments, polygon segments, circles, arcs, labels, and text that enable you to move and modify the objects quickly and easily using just your mouse.


Create profile sheets

Use the Create Sheet Set command to create a collection of sheets with alignment profiles that you can plot. This allows you to plot your alignments in a profile view so you can have, for example, Plan View on top of your sheet template and Profile View in the bottom part.


Automated label tables

Create labels for multiple points, lines, or polygons that display as tables and include a row for each object represented. Labels are dynamically linked to the objects and updated as the geometry/location of the objects change.


Measure distance from points to surface

Use the new Points to Surface command to measure the distance from one or more points to a surface in your project.


Terrestrial Photogrammetry: Faster point cloud generation

TBC has been enhanced to generate point clouds approximately 60% faster than previously.


More accurate point clouds from Trimble Vision images

TBC has been enhanced to create more accurate, cleaner point clouds from Trimble Vision images.