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Geo7_rangefinder_monopole_HR Geo7xMonopoleHead

This lightweight carbon fiber monopole kit is custom designed for use with handheld. The kit consists of a telescopic carbon fiber monopole and custom designed claw bracket that positions the handheld antenna precisely over the center of the pole. For comfortable operation, the pole height can be easily adjusted, and collapses down to 75cm for easy storage and transport. The rod features Snaploc™adjustment,and a reversible tip with rubber foot at one end, and steel spike at the other. The claw bracket is equipped with a bubble vial, a bumper that protects the handheld from drops, and attaches to the monopole using a standard 5/8″ screw thread.

Use the monopole kit to:

  • Ensure consistent height and position measurements when collecting data with a Geo7x handheld internal GNSS antenna
  • Create a weight-free, stable platform for GNSS data capture, attribute entry and photography

Kit contents:

  • Trimble carbon fiber monopole (1.3m)
  • Trimble Geo7x monpole bracket

Geo7x handheld not included.