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Trimble Geospatial announces the upcoming release of Trimble® TerraFlex™ Advanced edition software, which adds capabilities to support data update workflows. Not only can users collect new data, now they can update existing data too.

Release Highlights:

The current Basics edition of the TerraFlex software allows users to collect, process, and manage their geospatial data quickly, efficiently, and across a fleet of mixed devices. Extending on from the TerraFlex Basics edition, TerraFlex Advanced will let users import pre-existing asset or GIS data into their TerraFlex projects and make real-time updates to this data in the field. This ensures their organization has the most up-to-date information on their assets to make the right decisions and put efficient maintenance plans in place.


TerraFlex Advanced edition is planned for release in Mid-December. Please contact your local Geospatial Solutions Representative for more details.


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