Release Highlights

New language options: The TerraFlex mobile and web apps are now available in French, German and Spanish with further languages to be offered in future releases. The Trimble InSphere™/TerraFlex website is also available in these languages, including the online help documentation.

Feature position requirement: TerraFlex can optionally restrict you from filling out a form template unless your device is reading a position location. This confirms the asset has a known position in the system, ensuring data quality is maintained.

Specified accuracy requirement: TerraFlex can optionally constrain you to capture data within a specified accuracy range only. For example, features—such as buried assets like joints, valves, and welds on a gas line—which require high accuracy information cannot be collected unless the mandatory accuracy threshold of 50 cm is met. This ensures critical assets can be quickly relocated when needed, and monitored for regulatory and safety requirements.

Feature geometries: TerraFlex can provide immediate feedback on line length or polygon area features, instantly ensuring you have all the information on the geometries being collected and potentially saving costs on materials and labor.

TerraFlex ArcMap plugin update: The TerraFlex ArcMap plugin has been updated to support data update workflows. Users of ArcMap will be able to push feature class data from an Esri geodatabase directly into TerraFlex for field updates, automatically create field templates, minimize cumbersome data import/export steps, and reduce data merge errors.

More Information
To learn more about the new updates in TerraFlex, view the TerraFlex June 2015 Updates Presentation


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