Water Level and Pressure Sensors

Flow Meters

Flumes, Weirs and Packaged Metering Manholes


Flumes are specially shaped, engineered structures that are used to measure the flow of water in open channels. We provide all of the common types and sizes of flumes in fiberglass, aluminum, and galvanized steel. Flumes can be customized with inlet/outlet adapters, wing-walls, stilling wells, staff gauges and probe wells. For detailed information, drawings, discharge tables and a photos: https://www.openchannelflow.com/flumes


Weirs are common and simple methods of measuring the flow of water in open channels. At its simplest, a weir is no more than an obstruction placed in a channel over which water flows (unlike flumes where the water flows through the structure). Often this flow is over a specially shaped notch or opening set above the floor of the channel.

Properly sized, built, and maintained, a weir can provide inexpensive and accurate flow measurements.  

Openchannelflow offers a variety of weirs, including:  fixed weir platesportable weir setsweir boxesweir channels, and weir manholes.

For drawings, discharge tables and photos: https://www.openchannelflow.com/weirs

Packaged Metering Manholes

Fiberglass Packaged Metering Manholes (PMMs) solve the difficult problem of how to measure piped flows below grade. Starting with our industry leading fiberglass manhole tube, Openchannelflow integrates: a flow device (flumeweir, or mag meter), cover, base, and access ladder.  

The result is a single-piece, watertight, and corrosion resistant structure from which operators can accurately (and safely) measure and sample flows. For additional information: https://www.openchannelflow.com/manholes

River/Stream & Canal Discharge Measurement

Submersible Drones and Robots

Automatic Water Samplers, Water Quality & Rainfall

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