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Collect, view, and process data while on the move.

Geoslam LogoCapturing data for 3-D building models used to mean hours of painstaking measurements. Now it’s as easy as taking a walk, thanks to the GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO handheld scanner. Frontier Precision added the ZEB-REVO to its product line to offer fast, easy scanning for architecture and build construction projects.

You’ve never walked so smartly.

No matter how you deploy it, this incredible versatile hand-held unit will pass through your target survey environment to record more than 40,000 measurement points per second.

ZEB-REVO’s 100hz sensor captures an even-spaced and dense data-set which can be uploaded to the GeoSLAM Cloud or onto your desktop copy of the SLAM software. SLAM software transforms the measurements into a fully registered point cloud. The data can then be transferred into your existing CAD package, ready for analysis and design.

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