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Join us for the 2018 Frontier Precision Minnesota Survey Users Group!


We are excited to offer our Frontier Precision Minnesota Survey Users Group this year, at a NEW location, Craguns Resort and Conference Center. This location will allow us to keep the flexibility of multiple rooms and one large room for our sessions.

Join us this year, where we will have an opening session in the morning that will cover many of the new features of Trimble Access, Trimble Business Center, Trimble hardware updates, and much more!

In the afternoon sessions we will be breaking into two groups for more of a specific focus on office and field topics. One room will have a focus on office and software workflows, best practices, and a Q & A session. In the second room our focus will be more of the “day-to-day” field staff workflows and best practices.

2018 Frontier Precision Minnesota Survey Users Group Schedule

10:00 AM | Main Room
Opening Session
Introductions & Welcome

The purpose of the Minnesota Survey Users Group meeting is to allow users to meet annually with Frontier and Trimble Experts and receive up to date instruction on our solutions and services, while at the same time giving attendees the opportunity to network with industry experts. Welcome and Introductions will kick the day off!

10:15 AM | Main Room
New Products & Solutions
Introducing GeoSlam, Trimble PenMap, & Trimble Catalyst

In this session we will introduce a new handheld scanning mapping solution called GeoSlam ZebRevo, for interior and hard to reach spaces like manholes, tunnels, and caves. We will also introduce Trimble PenMap, a field data collection solution, and Trimble Catalyst, a software based GNSS field solution.

11:15 AM | Main Room
UAS Update
Latest updates to UAS in Photogrammetry & Lidar

In this session we will provide an update to legally using UAS solutions for surveying and mapping. We will cover the latest in photogrammetry applications and the new UAS Lidar solutions coming onto the market.

12:00 PM | Lunch
Included with your Registration

1:00 PM | Room 1
What’s New in Trimble Access
Trimble Access, Catalyst, and a Look into the Future

In this session we will go through the latest features of Trimble Access and hardware devices. We will touch on Trimble Catalyst and give you a glimpse into the future…

1:00 PM | Room 2
TBC & the SX10
Trimble Scanning Module & Introducing Trimble Clarity

The Trimble SX10 has revolutionized the way we do traditional surveying with a Total Station or a Scanner. We will go through some common workflows for using the SX10 and show attendees some advanced features they can take to their next project.

2:00 PM | Room 1
Trimble Access
Turn Your Robot Into a More Productive Tool

Learn the latest tips and tricks to using Trimble Access and your Trimble S Series Robot. We will cover all different aspects of using Trimble Access with your Robot and demonstrating to attendees the latest productive features of this powerful field software.

2:00 PM | Room 2
TBC Modules
TBC Modules Including the Advanced Drafting Module & Corridors

In this session we will take you through the new workflow specific Modules of Trimble Business Center. Specifically focusing on Advanced Drafting Module features as well as Road Corridor features.

3:15 PM | Room 1
Trimble Access
Trimble Access from the Map Screen

Over the years Trimble has continued to pack more functionality and features into the Map Screen. In this session we will go over these productive features and show you the latest Map Screen layout and functionality.

3:15 PM | Room 2
What’s New in Trimble Business Center

In this session we will focus on demonstrating tools that will make you more productive and efficient with your field data. New features will be gone through as well as an introduction to Trimble Clarity, a cloud-based data collaboration software tool.

4:15 PM | Main Room

We will finish up the day with a Question and Answer session. Bring your questions, your “how to…” questions, and product feature enhancement requests, and we will spend the last hour going through them. This is a great productive session, where you can ask the experts!

5:00 PM | Main Room
End of Sessions

Registration is now closed for this event!
Cost is $95.00 Per Person | Lunch is included!

Frontier Maple Grove Office
763.496.1366 or 877.698.3077 [Toll Free]

(Event Registration closes March 2nd, 2018.)

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