GPS Pathfinder Office

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Installing as a Single Use License

Activating as a Single Use License

Installing as a Floating License

Data Transfer Overview

Basic Data Dictionary Creation

Advanced Data Dictionary Creation

Differential Correction Overview

Export Utility Overview

Troubleshooting Missing Coordinate Systems

Importing ASCII Waypoint files

Resolving the MSL/Geoid Selection Issue

Sharing a User Defined Base Station List

Create background data in ArcGIS for use in GPS Pathfinder Office

Convert raw data files to an SSF

Post Processing using a Rinex format base file

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Installation Help and Getting Started Guides

Technical Support and Help Documents

TerraSync and GPS Pathfinder Office Orientation Guide

Copy Settings From One Computer to Another.

GPS Pathfinder Office Registry Cleanup Tool

(328 KB)The GPS Pathfinder Office Registry Cleanup Tool is an application that resolves possible installation issues when upgrading the GPS Pathfinder Office software. There may be legacy system component files left in the computer registry after the current GPS Pathfinder Office software is uninstalled. These files may not be properly overwritten by the installation of the software upgrade. Therefore, good procedure is to uninstall any previous version of GPS Pathfinder Office, run the Registry Cleanup tool, then install the GPS Pathfinder Office upgrade.

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