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Frontier Precision has the latest innovations in drone aircraft and sensors to fit your job or application. We offer industry-leading products and software from Ascent Aerosystems, Autel, Censys Technologies, DJI Enterprise/DJI Agriculture, Freefly Systems, Flybotix, Hylio, Inspired Flight, Parrot, Quantum-Systems, Skydio, Watts Innovations, YellowScan, Emesent, AgEagle, Phase One, Sentera, FLIR, Pix4D, and many others to make sure you get the right product for the right UAS application.

UAS applications include geospatial surveying & mapping, agriculture, construction, energy, forestry, infrastructure, mining, mosquito & vector control, oil & gas, and public safety.


A rapidly growing commercial and enterprise company representing the intersection of art and technology.

Skydio utilizes breakthrough AI to create the world’s most intelligent flying machines for use by consumer, enterprise, and government customers.

Multi-rotor drone that meets the aerodynamics of an airplane.

Collect and leverage data with zoom imaging and modular accessories.


With comprehensive DJI agriculture solutions, operating in broadacre farmlands, orchards, or grasslands, has become a lot simpler.


Delivering industry-leading technology and products that will perform and grow business – bringing intelligence from beyond the horizon.

Perform the most critical missions with Inspired Flight's USA-made drones.

The leader in image quality. The pioneer in drone intelligence.

Hylio develops cutting-edge drone technology to deliver the ultimate performance in agricultural crop spraying. Take your farm to the next level with Hylio’s agricultural & crop spraying drones.

Specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom industrial drones, with vast experience in the field allowing highly customized and reliable drones to meet every client's needs.

Parrot drones adapt to the needs of professionals. Our mission is to move the industry forward with new standards for drones at work.


Designed specifically for indoor inspection, the ASIO drone is equipped with advanced sensors and cameras that allow it to navigate and inspect even the most complex environments.

A small NDAA compliant – made in Japan drone, with advanced measures to secure communications, flight data, and photo/video data. 

Designs and manufactures rugged "coaxial" drones for the industrial, public safety, and defense markets when they need to complete critical missions when it matters most.

Vision Aerial Inc. is a drone manufacturer that engineers and builds unmanned systems designed to increase efficiency, reduce industry risks, and save lives.

Blue UAS - Building a More Secure World.

Need something US-made or off the latest Blue UAS cleared list? As an authorized representative to some of the manufacturers on the Blue UAS cleared list, Frontier Precision is sure to be able to provide tailored and authorized solutions to get the job done.

LiDAR - Mapping Accuracy, Redefined.

With LiDAR, your first mapping and survey point should be with us. Our staff has the knowledge and real-world experience to help you implement LiDAR into your business. Just as important, with our range of LiDAR technology, you’ll find a solution that works perfectly with your budget.


Sentera leads the way in drone sensor technology, offering state-of-the-art remote sensing solutions for diverse industries. With a focus on precision and reliability, their top-quality sensors, including advanced multispectral and high-resolution RGB cameras, ensure unparalleled accuracy in aerial data collection. Seamlessly compatible with leading drone platforms, Sentera's sensors empower businesses with actionable insights for optimized performance. 

UAS Technical Services

Frontier Precision UAS/Imaging Services can help when you have a need for mobile/static scanning or UAS services, but lack the expertise or equipment to meet the requirements of the job. Now you can “test drive” our latest technology without the expense of owning it until you need it.

Frontier Precision offers data-driven technical services for aerial surveying and photogrammetry applications using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). We primarily operate DJI unmanned aircraft systems. We’re expanding operations to include additional drones, sensors, and platforms to accommodate your data needs. Whether you are interested in operating drones yourself, or sub-contracting a service provider to collect data for a project, Frontier can help you incorporate this advanced technology into your work flow to collect high-precision aerial data.


We’re proud to offer Technical Certified Training to get you up to speed — with guidance and knowledge from the most experienced teams in the industry. We’re here to help you keep your business running strong.

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We maintain a robust blog to keep you informed on the latest news within your industry. No matter your industry, our experts share the kind of valuable information that drives your business forward.


For fixing it right the first time, turn to Frontier Precision. Our equipment repair service and maintenance services will get you back in the field with confidence. We also offer extended warranties, calibration certificates, and routine annual maintenance programs.


Frontier Precision provides world-class solutions for a wide variety of industries using leading products, training, technical services and more.

Technical Services


If you require customized technical services and training, please contact Frontier Precision at 800-359-3703 or reach out to a local Frontier Precision location.

Training and Events


Frontier Precision offers affordable regularly scheduled certified training classes, online eLearning, webinars, as well as custom training options to meet your specific training needs.