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TBC Power Hour

Join us each month for a live webinar to learn about a different workflow in Trimble Business Center office software. Log on, see a live step-by-step demonstration, and submit your questions to the presenter live.

Working with Total Station Data

How to be a Total Station data wizard.

In this session we will cover TBC workflows for working with total station data. We will cover some of the QC tools along with understanding field operations from the office user perspective. We will also cover the process of averaging sideshots, MTA’s and the computation order of total station data in the office.

With ability to change station setup type in the office and change the impact of total station observations, the office user has a great impact on how the calculations are performed. We will cover the mechanics of Traverse Adjustment and Network Adjustment when working total station data. Using the Total Station Editor you now have the ability to key in your traverses and transform your office workflows.

In this webinar, we will cover:

 – How to QA total station data

 – Using optical spreadsheets

 – Changing the Total Station Setup

 – Total Station Editor

 – MTA’s and averaging sideshots

 – Traverse and network adjustment