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Modernizing Point-in-Time Homeless Counts

Modernizing Point-in-Time Homeless Counts

United Way of the Plains has served south central Kansas for almost one hundred years to provide the community with health, education, and financial stability resources. To assist the community, they must first understand the extent of the community needs.  This is...

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Trimble Identity Security Updates

Trimble Identity Security Updates

Trimble Identity (TID) is the sign-in functionality used to gain access to Trimble solutions. In an effort to make the platform more secure and protect your privacy, Trimble has been adding security updates that will take full effect on August 30, 2021. This update...

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Remote Monitoring of Water Quality at Fish Hatchery

Remote Monitoring of Water Quality at Fish Hatchery

The Lee Kay Hatchery raises some of the biggest and toothiest fish in Utah. The Hatchery located west of Salt Lake City, UT produces many of the Tiger Musky stocked in Utah reservoirs. Tiger Musky are a cross between a northern pike and a muskellunge. Built in 1998...

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