There are now multiple ways to acquire and implement our popular DataSight environmental database software: DataSight Enterprise for one-to-many users, DataSight Concurrent, one concurrent license providing access to multiple users, separately, and at different times, and the most recent, DataSight Cloud.

DataSight, is an open, scalable solution for environmental data storage, management, quality control and reporting needs. DataSight provides the user with an intuitive, fully relational data management system designed to allow user flexibility in managing and accommodating a vast array of environmental data types.

DataSight can help Frontier Precision customers with:

  • Data Collation and Management by consolidating all their environmental monitoring data into a single, managed relational database
  • Quality Control through easy drag-and-drop graphing, conditional filtering, queries, automatic quality coding of data and configuring and applying environmental standards
  • Advanced Analysis by providing a number of tools to create, manipulate and analyze data such as mathematical calculations, regression analysis, water discharge rating table generation and management and more
  • System Integration by insuring your data is managed in an open, ODBC and XML compliant Microsoft SQL server database with no proprietary formats. This allows easy linking of filtered, time series data to third-party programs such as GIS and statistical packages

DataSight Map

  • Security and Audit Trails with rich authentication options, granular access, hierarchical encryption and auditing
  • Communication and Reporting by improving environmental reporting efficiency through scheduled automatic reports using DataSight pre-configured report templates or by designing your own using DataSight report creation tool

DataSight Enterprise version 3.2 is a client-server solution. The software (the ‘client’ side) is installed on a user’s computer and connects to Microsoft SQL server databases (the ‘server’ side) located within a network (LAN or WAN) or via the internet.

In most cases, Microsoft SQL Server is installed on a server farm that is supported by the appropriate IT infrastructure in a controlled environment. The servers are supported by suitably qualified IT professionals who may install and maintain the following DataSight components on their network servers.

If multiple users want to collaborate on a project and they don’t have the budget to purchase multiple DataSight Enterprise licenses, they can opt for a DataSight Concurrent license that allows different people in the office to use DataSight, one at a time, at different times.

For small to medium sized organizations challenged with having the resources to purchase and maintain a MS SQL Server, staff IT specialists and pay for multiple DataSight Enterprise licenses, Seveno has just released DataSight Cloud.

DataSight Cloud is a remotely hosted instance of DataSight that organizations access through the internet. DataSight Cloud allows organizations to effectively manage their data and use all the powerful DataSight tools, while avoiding the upfront costs associated with purchasing, configuring and maintaining server hardware and software.

Additionally, organizations that may not have the capital equipment budget for a DataSight purchase can realize the powerful benefits of DataSight using operation and maintenance funds. Frontier Precision can automatically bill an account or credit card monthly. With DataSight Cloud there are also no annual maintenance/upgrade subscription fees and users can easily transition to DataSight Enterprise or export their data and discontinue the service at any time.

To make DataSight Cloud run fast, reliably and secure, a Parallels® Remote Application Server is run with DataSight on a remote server. Parallels® Client is installed on a customer’s local device. This creates a fast, reliable and secure virtual desktop and provides DataSight Cloud customers the ability to run DataSight on any device.

With the addition of DataSight Cloud to the suite of DataSight products, any organization can enjoy the benefits of an intuitive, powerful, environmental database.

Visit to learn more about DataSight or contact Steve Combe  to arrange for a web demonstration.




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