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Join us for our 1, 2, or 3 Day Survey Training!

Choose the half-day or full-day sessions you want to attend – mix and match your Survey training!

[All sessions will be conducted at Frontier Precision | 1713 Burlington Drive | Bismarck, ND 58504

Tuesday | March 22nd | Morning

Trimble Access GNSS Intro   [8am-12pm]

  • Project & Job Management
  • Setting up Job Templates
  • Survey Styles for VRS and RTK
  • Favorites & Function Buttons
  • Key-in & Import Points
  • Measure Points
  • Measure Codes with Feature Coded Linework
  • Exporting Files

Tuesday | March 22nd | Afternoon

Trimble Access GNSS Advanced   [1pm-5pm]

  • COGO
  • Site Calibrations
  • Map Tools & Functions
  • Key-in & Stakeout Lines, Polylines, Alignments, DTMs
  • Roads Module

Wednesday | March 23rd | Morning

Trimble Access Robotic Total Stations   [8am-12pm]

  • Robotic Total Station Maintenance & Care
  • Field Collimations
  • Target Settings & Instrument Functions
  • Station Setup & Resection Procedures/Best Practices
  • Measure Topo
  • Stakeout Points, Lines, Alignments
  • Exporting Reports

Wednesday | March 23rd | Afternoon

Trimble Business Center – Getting Started   [1pm-5pm]

  • Navigating the User Interface: Status Bar, Ribbons & Customization, Quick Access Toolbar
  • The Support Tab
  • Options & Project Settings
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Importing Data – Import Pane & Format Editor
  • Properties Pane
  • Project Explorer
  • View Filter Manager
  • Selection Tools & Selection Explorer
  • Graphical Views & Spreadsheets
  • Measure Tool & Inverse
  • Reports: Pre-defined Reports, Job Report Generator, Report Settings
  • Export Data – Export Pane & Format Editor

Thursday | March 24th | All Day

Trimble Business Center – Surveyors Toolbox   [8am-5pm]

  • Importing Data of Various Types
  • Working with Survey Data
  • Layer Manager
  • Creating a Feature Code Library
  • Processing Feature Codes
  • Linework Editing
  • CAD Command Line
  • COGO
  • Working with Surfaces
  • Working with Alignments & Profiles
  • Basics of Building Road Corridors
  • Working with Point Clouds


Half-Day: $200 | 1 Full-Day: $375
2 Full-Days: $700 | 3 Full-Days: $1,050

Frontier Precision
1713 Burlington Drive
Bismarck, ND 58504

8am-12pm & 1pm-5pm | Tuesday-Wednesday
8am-5pm | Thursday

1, 2, or 3 Days

Class size limited to 12 students, per session.
Classes fill up fast, so register today!
Lunch is NOT included.



PLEASE NOTE: for Credit Card payment option, please contact:

Paula Kinnischtzke – Frontier Precision, at 701.222.2030 or 800.359.3703 [Toll Free].

*Payments are NOT processed automatically upon submitting registration form.

Tony Edelbrock, Applied Geospatial Engineer
320.654.6511 or 800.944.8557 [Toll Free]


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1, 2, or 3 Day Survey Training Opportunity - Bismarck, ND

Our certified training classes are designed to provide more technical understanding of the concepts, theory, fundamentals, and applications of Trimble Real-Time Kinematic, and Trimble Robotic Surveying Systems. Our classes focus on data collection using Trimble Access Field Software, and processing the field data in Trimble Business Center. Our courses are a combination of classroom instruction and field exercises to boost the attendee's learning experience. Please fill out the form below, to register. If you have any additional questions or concerns on these sessions, please email: tedelbrock@frontierprecision.com.


Class size is limited to 12 students per session & classes fill up fast, so register TODAY!

We ask that you please submit separate registration forms for each attendee for this training session series (if you have multiple attendees coming from the same business/organization). Thank you!

(Trimble GNSS Receivers, Trimble Controllers, Trimble Robots, Trimble Office/Field Software...etc.)

Pre-Registration is REQUIRED! Cancellation Policy: Attendees will receive a full refund if they cancel 30 days prior to the class. A 50% refund will be issued if registered attendees cancel within 8-29 days prior to the class. No refund will be provided if a registered attendee cancels within 7 days prior to the class start date. Class dates are subject to change and may be rescheduled or cancelled by Frontier Precision at any time. If a class does not meet the minimum number of required students one week prior to the class start date, the class will be rescheduled to a later date, and a refund will be issued as needed. *Please make sure you have received registration confirmation from us BEFORE attending class.
Ticket Price Quantity
Half-Day $200.00 Sold out
1 Full-Day $375.00 Sold out
2 Full-Days $700.00 Sold out
3 Full-Days $1,050.00 Sold out

Payments via credit card can be provided to: Paula Kinnischtzke – Frontier Precision, at 701.222.2030 or 800.359.3703 [Toll Free]. Or email: paulak@frontierprecision.com with any further questions on payments for this class. Credit Card payments are NOT processed automatically upon submitting registration form.

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