For many years, Frontier Precision has developed and distributed professional software to meet the needs of the Mosquito and Vector Control industry.  FieldSeeker GIS is our commercial enterprise software that provides network-based technology for office and field staff involved in vector control.  Web-based software tools are available to control technicians in the field where data is recorded and historical operation records are reviewed.  The FieldSeeker GIS Mobile software tools were available only on Windows Embedded Hand Held (WEHH) devices until this latest release.

Frontier Precision is pleased to announce that our FieldSeeker GIS Mobile software tools now support Apple iOS devices!  FieldSeeker GIS users may now deploy Apple iPad or iPhone devices for use by control technicians in the field.  We continue to support WEHH devices.

Significant software functionality has been added to the FieldSeeker GIS software tools for Apple iOS devices as part of this release.  Many of these enhancements have been requested by customers and others take advantage of the functionality offered by the Apple iOS platform.  Here are some highlights that describe new FieldSeeker GIS Mobile software functionality.

FieldSeeker GIS Mobile for Apple iOS devices allows users to select background maps that meet their operational needs or personal preferences.  Background map types includes a variety of aerial imagery, topographic, grayscale, and street network maps.  Users will have several high-quality background map options available for use on their Apple iOS devices.  Best of all, these background maps are constantly being updated.


FieldSeeker GIS Mobile for Apple iOS also allows users to manage map layer visibility.  Using a simple dialog, users can select which map layers are visible and which are hidden.  These layer visibility settings may be adjusted as needed at anytime.  This is a tremendous tool to help reduce “clutter” in the map as more data and layers are added to the map project.

New functionality includes tools to identify Proposed Treatment Areas and share these locations for aerial larvicide and adulticide treatments.  Field Technicians simply identify on their Apple iOS device an area that should be treated through an aerial application and then selects a date when the operation should be completed.


A supervisor in the office then may review the recommended treatment area and requested completion date before authorizing the aerial treatment.  This is a very powerful tool that allows ground-based mosquito control operations to be augmented by aerial operations in a timely fashion.

FieldSeeker GIS Mobile for Apple iOS includes new tools for managing on-vehicle chemical inventory.  These new tools allow technicians to accurately track chemical quantity on their vehicle at any time.  This information is used to periodically reconcile chemical amounts to assure an accurate accounting of product used versus product available.

Both the vehicle operator and program supervisors will know the product type and product amount that is available for use on each vehicle.  This information can prove valuable when dispatching vehicles and crew to complete work and also when accounting for chemical product use and and inventory supply.

This is just a sample of enhancements made available to customers with our FieldSeeker GIS Mobile software for Apple iOS devices.  We are very excited to offer these enhancements to our customers!  FieldSeeker GIS continues to support our traditional tools and functionality such as mapping breeding sources, responding to customer service requests, reviewing operational history, recording treatments, managing adult mosquito trapping, tracking disease testing, and reporting all activities.

Please contact us to request more information about FieldSeeker GIS or to request an in-depth demonstration of our software tools designed for Apple iOS devices.  We are happy to answer any questions that you may have!

Join us for a free webinar on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 giving a general overview of FieldSeeker GIS for iOS and a demonstration. Register Here


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