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Flow & Discharge Measurement Services

Flow & Discharge Measurement

We have the staff and instrumentation to make accurate flow/discharge measurements in most open channel, partially full pipe, or full pipe scenarios. Flow/discharge instruments are also available for rent.

Frontier Precision has the instrumentation and expertise to make flow and discharge measurements in rivers, canals, partially full pipe, and full pressurized pipes. We also rent high-quality instrumentation that’s the right fit for your application.

Instrumentation & Services

Services Include:

  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) for River, Stream, and Canal Discharge Measurement
  • Sub-Meter and RTK GPS Options Available with ADCP’
  • Discharge Reports with QA/QC Analysis
  • Pipe Flow Measurement with Strap-On, Transit-Time Flow Meter
  • Non-Full Pipe Flow with Area/Velocity Meter
  • Level Sensors for Use with Flumes and Weir
  • Flume and Weir Flow Validation


  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Industrial Monitoring
  • Municipal Collection Systems
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental
  • Storm-Water