GPS Pathfinder Office Updater Utility and the process of updating to the newest version of Pathfinder Office are actually two separate workflows. So what does GPS Pathfinder Office Updater Utility actually do?

GPS Pathfinder Office Updater Utility is a Trimble program designed to apply the latest updates for your current version of Pathfinder office. For example, if you are currently using v5.7, any update that happens to that version will be applied to v5.7 through the GPS Pathfinder Office Updater Utility. Updates may include things like language files, patches fixes.GPS Pathfinder Office Updater Utility is located under the Start Menu as seen below:


The misconception is that GPS Pathfinder Office Updater Utility will update your versioning to the latest available version. This is not the case in order to fully update your version of Pathfinder Office, for example from v5.7 to v5.8, the work flow changes. The following is the correct work flow to update your Pathfinder Office version.

*Note these instructions include both floating and single use licenses and remember to check product compatibility.

  1. If running a server based license please copy your networks IP Address in the GPS Pathfinder Office License Administrator. (You will need this when you reinstall.)
    If running as a “Single-Use license” please skip to step #2.2015-12-07_12-18-50
  2. Uninstall GPS Pathfinder Office. Using the Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs
  3. Download and install GPS Pathfinder Office:
    GPS Pathfinder Office Downloads


For additional help see:
GPS Pathfinder Office Getting Started Guide (Installation instructions.)

Floating License Setup for GPS Pathfinder Office (Tech Talk Video)


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