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The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) have announced the introduction of a leap second, to occur on June 30th, 2015.  Trimble has made every effort to ensure that Trimble receivers and software will work seamlessly through the added leap second. We would like to take this opportunity to remind all users to check their receiver platforms to ensure they are running the most current firmware available from the respective manufacturer. To ensure there are no issues, please update your Trimble hardware to the latest firmware and upgrade your software to the latest updates and patches.

If you are unable to update your equipment to the latest firmware, it is advised that you perform a hard reset to your GNSS receivers after the leap second has occurred. Before doing a hard reset on your GNSS receivers, ensure that all static observation files stored to your receivers are backed up and downloaded. They will most likely be erased when the hard reset is performed. 

If you have any additional questions on this process, contact your local support representative.