For Decades the Juniper Systems Allegro field computer has set the standard for ruggedness and performance for high-production data collection in natural resources. A full alpha and large numeric keyboard combined with a touch-screen display allows rapid, accurate data entry, even in severe weather conditions.

The new Allegro 2 continues this tradition with the same rugged, ergonomic design combined with new state-of-art features for improved field performance. These features include a larger, more visible, capacitive touch-screen, faster processor, QWERTY keyboard, more memory and longer battery-life.

Sun-to-Shade™ High-Visibility Display The Allegro 2 features a new display, 20% larger than the Allegro MX display, and which utilizes Sun-to-Shade™ technology, meaning that you get maximum visibility in both bright sunlight, and shady conditions.

Overtime Technology™ Battery You may have heard of this being used by the Archer 2™. That’s because it’s kind of a big deal. This super battery is the best on the market, providing an incredible 20+ hours of power, even with power-draining functions like Bluetooth® & Wi-Fi®enabled. It performs great even in cold temperatures, which will usually zap battery power from ordinary batteries.


QWERTY keyboard – The fastest way to enter data is with a tactile keyboard. The new Allegro 2 still retains the full keyboard that the Allegro MX had, but now with a QWERTY layout. After testing and receiving user requests, we implemented a QWERTY-style keyboard, which is a more familiar and natural layout for users, thereby improving the data collection process.

There are three Allegro 2 models from which to choose:

  1. The standard Allegro 2 with Wifi, extended range Bluetooth, 512K RAM and 8 GB of storage is perfect for typical field data collection.
  2. For those projects that require spatial data the Allegro 2 Geo includes the same features of the standard unit plus GPS (GNSS) and a 5 MP camera. The high-performance GNSS receiver reads both the GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations ensuring maximum reliability and accuracy.
  3. For projects that require remote communication with the office, the Allegro 2 Geo Cell model includes all of the above features with the addition of a 3.75G modem.

New accessories are available with the Allegro 2 platform. The A2 Single Ethernet Dock provides a convenient means of charging a handheld, as well as syncing data with a PC or a network. The dock comes with an adapter that will allow it to work with either the Juniper Systems Archer 2™ or Allegro 2™ handhelds. In addition to a charging connection the new dock includes both a USB and Ethernet connection.


While you can communicate with and charge an Allegro 2 directly, a dock provides a convenient, and common charging and communication station for users with multiple field-crews/handhelds that don’t want to bother with attaching and detaching communication and charging cables.

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Electronic Data Solutions (Elecdata) has been a Juniper Systems partner specializing in natural resource data collection for over 28 years. In addition to providing rugged, field computers Elecdata writes software for field data collection. These include custom log scaling software, DataPlus Professional applications builder, HydroPlus CE for multi-parameter water quality, Everglade wetland delineation software, Sentinel GIS and FieldSeeker GIS software for vector control.



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