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Installation & System Integration Solutions

We’ll design, build, install, and support your remote data acquisition system. We configure complete systems including sensors, dataloggers, telecommunications equipment — along with the software to manage, analyze, and display the collected data in a variety of application.

We help you clearly define your objectives and select the most practical and cost-effective method of reaching them. We will install the system, document the system, and train your personnel on how to operate and maintain it. If a system requires custom software to automate data collection and data transmission, the Frontier Precision in-house team of system programmers can often accommodate that need. We also provide a powerful database optimized for managing, analyzing, and reporting diverse, time-series data.

Frontier Precision also offers routine maintenance on a contract basis. Our personnel have years of experience designing, specifying, installing and supporting systems that rely on telecommunications to provide the link between the base station and the remote sites. We also have established relationships with several manufacturers. Supported methods of telecommunications include: UHF and VHF radio, spread spectrum radio, satellite, and telephone — both land line and cellular.


Applications Include:

  • Surface Water
  • Groundwater
  • Rural Water Supplies
  • Meteorology
  • Forestry
  • Irrigation Canal Monitoring and Control
  • Aquaculture



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Professional Services


If you require customized professional services and training, please contact Frontier Precision at 800-359-3703 or reach out to a local Frontier Precision location.

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