The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a revision to the Lead and Copper Rule which prioritizes the identification and removal of Lead Service Lines (LSLs) for all utilities. As of October 16, 2024, the Lead and Copper Rule Revision (LCRR) states that all water systems must create an inventory of LSLs or be able to demonstrate the absence of such. In addition, these inventories will need to be updated annually going forward.

An estimated 6-10 million homes in the US have lead an, and while the health risks associated with lead exposure have been known for years, the lack of funding, infrastructure, and the general complexities associated with this data has continued to push this timeline, until now.

Lead services lines as assets consist of multiple components which can have varying ownership. Generally, there is a utility-owned portion as well as a customer-owned portion, yet they make up a single asset in most GIS databases. In addition, documentation and records might be a combination of analog and digital and may be housed by different agencies within and municipality. The idea of taking inventory of and managing these assets in an organized way can seem like a very daunting and time-consuming task.

Esri has created an ArcGIS Solution to help you get started with mapping utility service lines to comply with the EPA’s LCRR. Within the solution you’ll find tools to facilitate field data collection and validation to build your service line inventory (ArcGIS Field Maps), the ability to view service line information (Web Application), a public survey for the public to report their water service line material (ArcGIS Survey123), tools to monitor & report service line data in real-time (ArcGIS Dashboards), share information with the public (ArcGIS Hub Site), and much more!


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