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Missing a measurement on a job site can be costly. With more surveyors expanding their work areas and traveling to far away job sites, having to go back to get a measurement that was missed can quickly cause a project to go over budget. With the combination of a Trimble robotic total station with Trimble Vision, the latest version of Trimble Access, and also the latest version of Trimble Business Center, you can eliminate those costly trips back to the job site. The answer, Trimble Business Center’s terrestrial photogrammetry! With the latest version of Trimble Access, you can now take full panoramic photos at any station setup of your choice with a Trimble Vision robotic total station. These panoramic images import with your survey data directly into Trimble Business Center and are automatically georeferenced to your survey project. Once downloaded, simply choose “Measure Photogrammetry Point”. Locate the common point of interest in two of the panoramic photos, and Trimble Business Center will create a point at that location. Added benefits are the ability to measure areas of interest without being on the job site, and having photo documentation of the job site. Click the image for more information on how this process works.