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The Minnesota DOT VRS network was offline for a short while this morning, but is back online as of 11:45 AM.

Post Processing against the MN DOT CORS Base Stations:

This month we’ve seen some issues when post processing against the DOT CORS base stations using Pathfinder Office software.  We don’t yet know the exact cause, and we’re working with Trimble and the Minnesota Department of Transportation to get it figured out.

The workaround in the meantime is to use the NGS CORS base providers available in the Trimble-provided list of base stations.

1. Make sure to click the “Update List” button in the PFO Differential Correction Utility to get the most current base station information.

2.  Select for processing a NGS CORS base provider with “Old” in the description as in the image above.

3. If your data is in a NAD83 derived coordinate system (e.g., UTM, State Plane, MN County) be sure to select the “Use reference position from Base File” option.  Using the “New” base provider, or the other “Use reference position…” option can apply an undesired shift to your data of up to a meter or more.  If working in a different coordinate system, it might be necessary to test any different settings to ensure your data matches after post processing.

We’re optimistic that the MNDOT base file issues will be resolved quickly and we will provide an update just as soon as we can confirm they’re working again.