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Successful projects start with accurate on-site data, and the fastest and most efficient way to gather it is with an unmanned aerial system (UAS). Today UAS is used in construction, mining, surveying, engineering, and a wide range of public safety applications for law enforcement, firefighters, search and rescue, emergency management, and homeland security. They’re used for everything from gathering construction site data to inspecting infrastructure and gathering data from locations that can’t be mapped easily, safely or economically with terrestrial methods.

You may know that you need UAS, but the question is, which UAS solution is right for you? To get the right results, it’s crucial to have the right drone, the right software, and the training to use it safely and correctly. The UAS specialists at Frontier Precision choose the best solutions based on numerous factors, including your industry, the number and types of cameras and lenses, flight time and coverage area, weather, heat, cold and other conditions the drone will be subjected to, and how the data gathered will be processed for use in the field.

Training is crucial for both drone operation and processing the gathered data. Drone operators must be certified to operate drones properly and safely. Frontier Precision’s certified trainers offer instruction on rules and regulations, airspace, weather and weather sources, UAS loading and performance, airport and field operations, radio communication, emergency procedures, pre-flight, and maintenance, to enable operators to pass the Unmanned Aircraft General Exam. Training in data gathering and processing is also available in the classroom, on site or online.

UAS is revolutionizing the way data is gathered and making companies more efficient and more competitive. The right choices and the right training will ensure that you can gather the data you need to keep your projects moving forward. Drones fly smarter with our training. We’ll help you soar. For the right UAS solution for your needs, and the training and support to use it effectively, contact the UAS experts at Frontier Precision.

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If you require customized professional services and training, please contact Frontier Precision at 800-359-3703 or reach out to a local Frontier Precision location.

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