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Now it’s as easy as taking a walk, thanks to the GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO handheld scanner. Frontier Precision added the ZEB-REVO to its product line to offer fast, easy scanning for architecture and build construction projects.

The lightweight unit is designed for use in enclosed multi-level environments. Unlike terrestrial scanners, there’s no need for mounting, alignment, multiple station setups, or GPS. Just pick it up and go. It connects seamlessly to a smartphone or tablet for real-time data visualization as you walk. Scans can be viewed on-site for quality control so you know you have the data you need before you leave the site.

The ZEB-REVO captures 43,000 data points per second. That’s up to eight times faster than terrestrial scanners. The GeoSLAM software registers the point cloud automatically as it scans. An entire three-story building can be scanned in just 30 minutes, capturing data in a 30-meter radius. The display can be set to your preferred height, showing a 2-dimensional floor plan or a complete 3-dimensional model. When the scan is finished, the ZEB-REVO automatically compresses the data and transfers it to a USB drive. The point cloud can be used in all industry-standard CAD programs.

Fast, efficient 3-D scanning also provides accurate data for hard-to-reach areas. A recent project for Turner Construction’s office in Atlanta, Georgia posed a challenge due to the building’s high suspended ceilings. Using traditional scanners would have taken more than eight hours due to limited room to maneuver in the tight space. The lightweight, maneuverable ZEB-REVO captured the data in just ten minutes.

ZEB-REVO provides fast, accurate results the first time and every time. A university student in Stuttgart, Germany who had never used the device before scanned a 21,000 square foot office complex in just 40 minutes, and used the point cloud to create an impressive 3D BIM of the building. The only preparation needed was to prop open the building’s doors before his walk-through. The unit’s ease of use makes large, costly and time-consuming field crews a thing of the past. In a project in Denmark, a one-person “field crew” scanned a 13-story residential building with an hour of prep work and half an hour of scanning.

Fast, efficient 3-D scanning is revolutionizing architecture and construction. Time and budget are two of the biggest challenges in any construction project. The GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO collects the data you need quickly and easily, and that lets you move forward to get the job done. To find out more about how the GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO can save you time and money, contact Frontier Precision.


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