Simple, efficient, and reliable! Frontier Precision’s Pesticide Application Record (PAR) Application is an innovative and cost effective solution for replacing those HUGE stacks of paper work you create for your pesticide applications.

Screen shot of the PAR App. Web Interface

Leveraging Esri’s ArcGIS Online and Collector app we developed a system that is:

  • Designed to meet all federal pesticide record keeping requirements, put forth by the USDA for non-agricultural applications.
  • Use your own device. No need to purchase expensive, specialized equipment; applicators can use their smartphones (iOS and Android) to track the applications. No signal, no problem — includes off-line data collection.
  • Meets state requirements for pesticide record keeping in 27 states and three territories; easily customizable to meet additional state requirements.
  • Provides an easy to use interface for applicators (via Collector) to input the required field data for record keeping, as well as maintain data integrity for required reporting.
  • Near-real time data collection; prevents data loss, as records will be added directly to an off-site database server. No more stacks of papers to keep track of in the field.
  • Capable of maintaining large lists of standardized products, manufactures, applicators, and licenses to further reduce time requirements for field data collection and reporting.

Contact us to find out more and see how you can cost effectively replace that pesky Pesticide Application paper work and see how we can help you meet all of your reporting requirements! Check out the screen shots below to see what it looks like.

Record Information from an Android Device
Chemical Information
Chemical Information Section of Form


Form Interface on a Tablet
Main Map Interface on a Tablet

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