GeoJot+ Field Data Collection Solution

GeoJot+ enables your organization to quick ly capture field data with geotagged photos on your mobile device, automatically upload them to the cloud. then process them back in the office creating reports, maps and database input.

  • The mobile app itself focuses on simplicity. Create and distribute an unlimited number of field data collection lists (forms) to field team members. These pick lists allow your team to easily collect data that is both accurate and consistent. Automatically transfer data back to the office via the cloud.
  • Deploy the mobile app to mixed teams of both Android and Apple devices. Easily add, disable, or transfer licenses between the devices.
  • GeoJot+ can run on smartphones and tablets with or without service plans, Android cameras, and the new Android Trimble Juno 5.
  • Back in the office; enforce consistency and quality standards before inputting GeoJot+ data into a backend database. Create customizable reports as well as Esri and Google maps

GeoJot+ is an annual subscription available in 3 levels – Essentials, Team, and Enterprise.
The Essentials level below contains introductory functionality. The Team level empowers field teams with enhanced functionality such as cloud based data transfer, and advanced list creation, as well as more advanced GPS, GIS mapping, and reporting features.

The Enterprise level offers both advanced functionality and 360 support for successful and timely integration into an organization’s workflows and processes. The GeoJot+ 360 implementation Blueprint offers workflow consulting & list design, customized training & documentation, enhanced support, and customized functionality

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What is “GeoJot+”?

GeoJot+ for Android

Getting started with GeoJot+

Assets with Barcodes and GPS


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