Microsoft Connectivity Software

I can’t connect my Trimble Windows Mobile device to my computer?

To install software onto a device powered by the Windows Mobile operating system, or to copy files between the handheld and a computer, you must connect the device to a Windows computer. You will need to install the appropriate windows connectivity software. (Windows Mobile Device Center or Microsoft ActiveSync)

-If you already have this installed please see our further troubleshooting steps below.

First you will need to know what version of Windows you have. If you are running Windows 8* ,7 or Vista you will need to know whether you have a 32 bit or 64 Bit Operating system:

  1. On your computer: Navigate to Start/Control Panel/System
    This will show you what version you have installed.
    Windows Version
  2. Download and install the appropriate connection software.

Please click here if you are having trouble with MS Windows Validation.
*Windows 8 also requires additional steps. Instructions can be found here.

My Device still will not connect?

You may need to go on the Windows Mobile handheld and toggle the “Enable advanced network functionality” setting.

  1. Disconnect your USB cable from your PC
  2. Toggle your “Enable advanced network functionality” setting
  3. Connect your USb cable to your PC

Additional Troubleshooting

  • Verify that the unit is powered on.
  • Connect to a different USB Port on the computer.
  • Connect direct to the computer – bypassing any USB Multiport Hubs you may have connected.
  • Remove any other USB connected devices. Please note only (1) Windows mobile based device can be connected to your computer at a time.
  • Preform a reset of your Windows Mobile handheld.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Try connecting with a different USB cable
  • Test whether the unit will connect to a different PC.
  • Remove any existing partnerships to Windows Mobile Device Center. (Partnerships are computer specific and will hinder connections to other machines. Always connect as a guest.)
  • Make sure that your machine has all Windows updates
  • Make sure that your virus scanner is not stopping or blocking the files wmdc.exe or wmdcbase.exe
  • Try uninstalling any mobile device emulator software that may be on your computer such as MyMobiler


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