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Teledyne ISCO ADFM Hot Tap Flow Meter

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The ADFM Hot Tap Flow Meter provides precise and accurate flow rate measurement in full and pressurized pipe applications where the pipe ID is 18″ (460 mm) or greater. The Hot Tap can be used in the difficult hydraulic conditions often found in force mains, siphons, process lines, and other full-pipe applications.





Teledyne ISCO ADFM Hot Tap Flow Meter
  • The Hot Tap’s velocity profiling technology enables accurate flow rate measurement without the usual lengthy upstream and downstream straight-line conditions required by other technologies.
  • It measures flow rate to within ±2% of actual flow rate in closed pipes, even in difficult applications such as installations near bends, short straight runs, near pumps, etc.

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Flow Monitoring Product Guide Brochure

ADFM Hot Tap Velocity Profiler Datasheet

ADFM Pro20 and Hot Tap User Manual

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