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Loading a background into Trimble TerraSync can be a handy tool for your next mapping project. In order to be successful there are a few settings that need to be configured for TerraSync to display your data.


First, make sure that the Background option under Layers in the Map screen is checked. Next go to the Background Files settings by selecting Background Files… in the Layers menu.


Be sure your Background data will be added to the map. To add the file select the check box, the tap Done.

Background settings

If your background still does not load on the map, the next thing to check is the coordinate system. In TerraSync, your coordinate system settings must match the coordinate system of the background file. To change your coordinate system settings go to the Setup screen, then tap Coordinate System.


In this example my background data is in UTM, Zone 15 North, using the NAD 1983 (Conus) datum. Be sure that everything matches the system that your background data is using.


If we navigate back to the map screen our data should now load and display on the screen correctly.


We hope this post has been helpful and beneficial to your workflow. For more useful information check out our Tech Talk Video’s.