Have you seen the message indicating that your total station is due for servicing? A lot of times we are asked what this message means, and what should be done when this message appears. This message will come up as a reminder for your S-Series instrument after 3000 hours of use or after 13 months from its last factory authorized calibration service, similar to the message you would get when your car is due for servicing.

Trimble robotic total stations come with a two year warranty, but it is still highly recommended to send the instrument in annually for a calibration and cleaning. Your S-Series instrument will operate accurately if field collimations are performed on a regular basis, however over time your instrument will fall behind on critical updates to the firmware. Also, a collimation does not physically bring the instrument back within factory calibration specs like regular calibration servicing does.

Below are some critical tasks that are performed when an instrument is calibrated in an authorized service center:

  • Firmware updates applied
  • Optical alignment of tracker
  • Horizontal angle calibration
  • Vertical angle calibration
  • EDM optical alignment calibration
  • Servo focus calibration
  • Video camera calibration

To schedule your instrument for its annual calibration and cleaning service, please contact your regional Frontier Precision service center, or reach out to joshk@frontierprecision.com for scheduling and options.


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