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We are pleased to announce the release of Trimble® Business Center software version 3.61 and a new GIS Module. This release provides many new tools and additional capabilities for Survey/GIS data integration, Photogrammetry, data processing and data management workflows.

TBC v3.61 Enhancements
• Improved processing algorithms to the Aerial Photogrammetry module to ensure successful adjustment and reduced processing times and a more descriptive report

• In addition to keying in level data now you can import digital level data and integrate it with your GNSS and conventional data for improved vertical accuracy

• New Layer Manager and other improvements to the Feature Definition Manager enable more efficient feature coding and attribution

• Support for the VRS™ derived base station data in GNSS postprocessing

GIS Module
This module streamlines the collection of GIS-schema compliant data using Trimble Access and enables the direct integration of deliverables with Esri® data through a few simple steps:

• Connect to Esri data provider to extract and import attribute schema into TBC

• Create feature coding libraries that are compliant with your GIS requirements

• Directly integrate data deliverables back into Esri projects

For more information, contact your local sales representative, or go to www.trimble.com