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Trimble has just released Trimble Business Center version v3.51 as a maintenance release addressing number of critical issues in v3.50 and v3.50.1. Projects created in this version are compatible both with 3.50 and 3.50.1 versions. Build Date (Entitlement Date) for this version 1 April 2015, same as for v3.50. If you are currently running version 3.5x, it is highly recommended that you install this maintenance release.

You can install the full package or upgrade package if you have v.3.40, 3.50 or v3.50.1. You can get the install packages from Trimble.com at: http://www.trimble.com/…/trimble-business-center_support.as…

Some of the major resolved issues include:
• VCE project may not open and a message is displayed stating that the file path name is not properly formatted
• Trimble R8s static data not post processing
• Unusually high RMS results can occur in the baseline processor
• A project height error can occur on file import
• After feature code processing, rectangle and circle features are always drawn in meters
• Updated RINEX converter for the leap second change
• Updated Network License Manager for Windows 10
• Pipeline Exporter converts units

Please see the Read Me notes for more information and full list of resolved issue