Frontier Precision’s focus is to provide full solutions for our customers by keeping workflows streamlined and productive. There are some instances where the desired workflow is hindered by software limitations. What can Frontier do about that do you ask? In some cases, we can write custom scripts for data automation and management.

Once such script that I have recently written is to copy templates from one Trimble Connect Project to another. Trimble Connect is designed so that you can only access templates between map workspaces that are stored in the same Connect Project, and you can only copy map workspaces to other folders within the same Connect Project. Trimble Connect Projects are their own silos completely independent of one another, and a user will not be able to move workspaces and templates between projects.  The diagram below is how the data hierarchy is structured on Connect.


The current process to get a template from the utilities project to the parks dept project must be done manually or by importing data files into the new project to extract the template. The Copy Template Script will use the Trimble Connect API to extract the map workspace and template IDs so that they can be copied and published to another project.

This video will demonstrate how to use the Trimble Connect Copy Template script. This script is being supplied free of charge and can be downloaded from here. You are free to use or modify at your own risk. Contact Frontier Precision for a services quote if you need assistance installing Python, using the script, or implementing other automations or customizations.

Frontier Precision’s Learning Lab has many technical articles and training videos for a variety of topics including Trimble Connect and TerraFlex. You can access the Learning Lab here for any of your technical needs.


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