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The Trimble® R12i GNSS System delivers unmatched GNSS performance, speed and accuracy to boost your productivity like never before. It expands the capabilities of the ground‑breaking Trimble ProPoint™ RTK positioning engine by incorporating new Trimble TIP™ tilt compensation technology so you can measure or stake out points faster and in more places without leveling the survey pole.

Get ready to get more done than you ever thought possible.

Productivity from a whole new angle.

Forget about leveling the pole and concentrate on the job instead.

Trimble TIP Technology
  • Survey faster than ever before with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) based tilt compensation, which helps you quickly and accurately stake out and measure points without leveling the pole.
  • Start surveying immediately with calibration-free tilt compensation technology that is immune to magnetic interference.
  • Capture points in hazardous locations such as the edge of an open excavation or on roadways without getting in harm’s way.
  • Have total confidence in your system with built-in automatic integrity monitoring, which detects and alerts the user of IMU anomalies in real-time.
  • Quickly and easily transition to GNSS-only operation as job requirements dictate.
  • Easily capture those hard-to-access building and property corner shots or utility inverts under manhole covers.



The world’s most advanced and trusted GNSS system.

Designed to help surveying professionals work more effectively, the Trimble® R12i receiver represents the next generation of GNSS surveying. With powerful technologies that go beyond comprehensive GNSS support, including the industry-leading Trimble ProPoint™ RTK engine and Trimble TIP™ tilt compensation, the R12i delivers unmatched GNSS performance, speed and accuracy to boost productivity for land surveyors.

A New Angle of Productivity

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Your New Tool for Unmatched Productivity

At Frontier Precision, you know us for our philosophy of How You Measure Matters.

Today, that’s even more true, with the new Trimble® R12i.

The Trimble R12i combines ProPoint + TIP = productivity.

It makes it happen by delivering powerful technologies that leapfrog traditional GNSS support — with the Trimble ProPoint™ RTK engine and Trimble TIP™ tilt compensation. This is how land surveyors gain blazing speed and accuracy, allowing measurement and staking out points quicker in more locations without having to level the survey pole.

Welcome to your new angle of productivity.



R12i: Surveyor Field Test

R12i: Speed Test with TIP Technology

R12i Tutorial: System Overview

R12i Tutorial: Measure Points with TIP Technology

R12i Tutorial: Stakeout with TIP Technology

R12i Tutorial: Measure at Extreme Angles

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