Information on a project is key. The data is out there, but we haven’t always had the tools to effectively capture it. The verification of placement of key items and materials can save a contractor’s profit margin, but the process of gathering as-built information to this point has been inefficient. That means there are either gaps in the data or large amounts of resources are spent on gathering the measurements. Using the new SX10 Robotic Total Station from Trimble, a contractor can use one tool to perform layout tasks and 3D laser scanning to as-build their project. Join us for a brief webinar on June 8, 2017 11:30 am CDT, to see how the SX10 can gather accurate 3D point cloud data that captures the whole picture of a job-site. 




Because the SX10 functions as a robotic total station in addition to a scanner, we were able to shoot project controls as normal for system setup. From there I simply select the areas we wanted to scan and necessary point density. Scans can be focused on a specific area which allows users to keep data sets to a manageable size . Since we did a station setup, all the scan data collected is already in the project coordinates and registered, which saves potentially hours of time back at the office.  


When we import this data into Trimble RealWorks software we are able to use its integrated tools to provide a verity of powerful deliverables. In this webinar will show how quick and easy it is to get the deliverables of floor flatness, column or core versatility, and ceiling deflection. The Floor Flatness tool allows us to produce a contour map for a defined area. We are able to use the Geometry Creation Tool to create objects from the point cloud data. Those objects can then be checked against the vertical axis. Lastly similar to the the floor flatness inspection, we are able to inspect the underside of the ceiling for flatness. The Geometry Creation Tool allows us to again to create a plane from the point cloud data and this time instead of vertical, we compare it against the horizontal axis. We will also go over some of the measurement tools within RealWorks to verify project dimensions.

We invite you to register for this upcoming webinar to see how the SX10 will change the way contractors perform as-built checks on projects.  If you cannot attend, this webinar will be recorded.


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