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This is the second video of our Trimble Access COGO series. In this Tech Talk we provide a walk-through of the various Compute Point functions in the Trimble Access COGO menu. These are powerful tools to complete tasks such as laying out parcel corners, rebuilding an old survey, locating reference monuments, storing points that aren’t accessible, and more. If used properly, COGO can be a powerful tool for users in both the field and office.

Table of Video Contents:

Bearing & Distance- 2:45

Turned Angle & Distance- 4:00

Bearing & Distance Intersect- 4:59

Bearing & Bearing Intersect- 6:03

Distance & Distance Intersect- 6:45

Four Point Intersection- 7:37

From a Baseline- 8:22

Project Point to Line- 9:15

Project Point to Arc- 10:32

Here is a LINK to the slideshow slides for additional reference. For more information, contact us at info@frontierprecision.com