Sentinel GIS – the Workhorse
Last winter we introduced our remodeled Sentinel mobile tools, built for the Juniper Mesa 2 Windows tablet. (Here’s the blog that covered those details, if you want to take another look.) Last season, a lot of you took advantage of this and got Mesa 2s. They have been an excellent boost for Sentinel users. Everything is built in – GPS, 9-pin connection, large bright screen, long life battery, rugged scratch proof screen. And they’re fast! With hundreds of them in the field, they have been extremely reliable.

Juniper Systems Mesa 2 Rugged Windows 10 Tablet — Proven Reliability

If you are still using Trimble Juno 3B, Juno 5, or Nomad devices, Juniper Archer or Archer 2 devices, or any other Windows Mobile device, we encourage you to upgrade to the Mesa 2. Not only will you be able to use it with Sentinel GIS for as long as it continues to be supported (through December 2019 is our current plan), you will also be able to use it with our new Windows ULV software or our FieldSeeker Cross-Platform Mobile (CPMA) app (coming in 2018) when you choose to upgrade or migrate to those newer solutions. So, it’s a sound investment with benefits now, and benefits later.

In addition to those changes, we have also been making other changes to benefit you in the upcoming season. Here’s what else is new:
– New NPDES log report for Larviciding treatments
– Other report enhancements based on user feedback
– Sentinel GIS is now compatible with ArcGIS 10.6
– Service Request app is now compatible with MySQL databases, which makes it easier for people to develop WordPress Websites that can record service requests
– New Support Resources

Report Changes
We added a new activity report – the NPDES Application Log. This report shows treatments in a simple one-line format, including Lat/Long and EPA#.

Chemical Use reports have a couple of minor usability improvements for clearing selected items.

We also added a nice option in Chemical Use Reports to report on ONLY storm drain treatments.

ArcGIS Desktop 10.6
Desktop 10.6 was officially released January 17, 2018. Sentinel is compatible with Desktop 10.6. As in the past, you will need to install the latest Sentinel patch after upgrading ArcGIS Desktop in order for everything to work correctly.

Service Request and MySQL with WordPress
Service Request has been modified to support MySQL (in addition to MDB and SQL Server / SQL Express). This makes it easier for customers to use WordPress Websites to create service requests, allowing for a greater range of flexibility with public Website forms and internal data entry forms.

New Support Resources
You can now request a support ticket by emailing Mosquito Support.
Our Mosquito GIS page has updated documentation including user guides, support notes, and release notes.
Our support team has expanded and re-organized also. Tyler McGarrity joined us January 2, 2018 as an IT Application Support specialist. Additionally, Tier 1 software support now includes Cliff Askew and Chris McCabe. Tier 2 support includes Chad Minteer, Tyler McGarrity, and developers. We’ve revamped our support system and implemented training plans for all team members to gear up for the upcoming mosquito season. We are fully committed to providing you with a quality support experience.

How to Get the Updates
The updates to Sentinel for Windows tablets, ArcGIS 10.6, and report updates are available at no cost in the latest Sentinel patch installer. You can download the latest installer at (scroll to the bottom) or click here for the direct link.

Windows ULV Upgrade available for Sentinel Adulticiding customers
Now through December 2019, we are offering a significant discount off licensing costs for Sentinel Adulticiding customers that wish to upgrade to Windows ULV. (Here’s the blog that talks more about the Windows ULV software, and also this What’s New blog.) It’s licensed per office user and mobile device – please contact us for details.

Sales questions and quotes – Linda Glover

Technical questions and updates – Chad Minteer

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