Skydio Autonomy Enterprise

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Built in the U.S.

A New Generation of Drone Intelligence

Anyone who has flown a Skydio will tell you the flight experience is unlike any other drone, and the reason is Skydio Autonomy Enterprise. The result of a decade of R&D at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and robotics, Skydio Autonomy Enterprise flies with the skills of an expert pilot. Using breakthrough AI, it creates a 3D model of its surroundings that updates at a rate of over one million data points per second, and runs up to nine deep neural networks onboard the drone to predict into the future to make intelligent decisions. Skydio drones fly autonomously through the most demanding environments, and keep you safe from obstacles when you take control.


Skydio Autonomy is True AI for Drones

Skydio hardware is designed from the ground up to support the autonomy stack. Our aircraft carry the Nvidia TX2, one of the fastest embedded AI computing devices available, and six fisheye 4K navigation cameras that see everything around the drone. But the real difference is in the software. While GPS and magnetometers enabled the previous generation of manual drones, the next era belongs to software-driven technology powered by breakthrough artificial intelligence that can make drones work for their pilots, instead of the other way around.


  • 360° vision based obstacle avoidance enables safe flight in obstacle rich and GPS-denied environments
  • 360 Superzoom blends the six 4K navigation cameras to create an omnidirectional view, providing maximum situational awareness
  • Skydio Scout provides long range situational awareness while on the move

Skydio Autonomy Datasheet


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