Blueprint Oculus Multibeam Sonars | M1200D

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Underwater ROV / Utility Crawler Add-Ons

The M1200 is best for short-range activities such as structural inspections where resolution is more important than range. Offering the highest operational resolution in the Blueprint M-series range, featuring a peak operating frequency of 2.1 MHz, an integrated velocimeter for improved accuracy, and a range resolution of 2.5 MM.


Dual Frequency Shorter Range, High-resolution Multi-beam Imaging Sonar for Murky Water Survey and Inspection

  • Integrated Into Controller
  • Dual Frequency Mode
  • 0.1 M to 30 M Range

The M1200D short-range imaging provides the highest quality image in the M-series sonars. Ideal for up close inspections of submerged structures and diver monitoring in turbid waters.

In murky water, you might need to move your ROV within just a few inches of the hull to get an effective visual. The problem with this is that it then becomes very difficult to understand your position under the vessel, especially large cargo vessels or cruise ships, and it also takes significantly longer to perform the inspection.

Using an imaging sonar, you can visualize the hull from further way, and identify anomalies through that murky water while also seeing more of the ship to give you positional awareness.


Low-visibility Operations

Cameras and diver’s eyes often are unable to effectively search due to poor visibility underwater. An imaging sonar is the best tool to then re-identify the target, since oftentimes side scan data does not produce an exact location (so navigating back to the potential target can be difficult). Once the target is re-identified, the sonar can be used to continue to track the target as you move closer, and when you get close enough, it can even be used to perform the visual verification.


Sonar for Hull Inspection


In inspection operations, particularly in murky water applications, it can be difficult to use just a camera to get an understanding of the condition of a structure.

For example, when inspecting the hull of a ship, you want to see if there are any major defects or corrosion, damage to the coating, zincs, anodes, propeller, check the coating condition, check if the hull needs to be cleaned.


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