Cutter Attachment

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Underwater ROV Add-Ons

When working around equipment underwater that has ropes or wire, there can be tangles that you want to cut free. The cutter attachment allows you to send your ROV down to the problem area and cut through the problem line.


Robotic Cutting Attachment for Underwater ROV

  • Plug and Play on ROV
  • 12MM Diameter Blade
  • Cuts Rope, Wire, Nylon & Fishing Line

The cutter attachment mounts to the bottom of the DTG3 and to the revolving head of the REVOLUTION ROV. Plugging into the Grabber port and is able to rotate 360-degrees continuously. Using its C clamp design, you can loop the target line to be cut with the C and then rotate the blade to create the tension to cut it. The blade has a 12MM diameter.



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