DT300 Pipe Crawler

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CCTV Pipe Crawlers

Fully loaded DT340 and DT320 mini crawler for portable sewer and stormwater pipe inspections.

Built for municipal pipe inspections, the Deep Trekker DT340 Pipe Crawler is 100% submersible and fully self-contained. The only crawler on the market that is flexible and doesn’t require additional equipment such as a service truck or generator. 100% battery powered – the DT340 will last up to 8 hours on one charge.


CCTV Pipe Crawlers

Fully submersible and battery operated pipe crawler equipment – providing the most portable inspection equipment.


  • Battery Operated up to 8 Hours
  • Portable Wheeled Case
  • Fully Submersible
  • PTZ HD Camera
  • Strong and Thin Tether
  • Steerable
  • Wheel and Track Options
  • Software Integrations
  • Pipe Inspection Software Compatible

Master pipe inspections from 6″ (200 MM) and up with this fully loaded DT340 and DT320 package. Includes all of our wheel and tracks options, a powered reel and full length tether, and compatible with pipe inspections software.


DT300 Pipe Crawler Package

[Pipe Size: 8″ – 36″ Center] The DT300 pipe crawler series comes with everything you need to conduct full and thorough stormwater and wastewater pipe inspections.


In the Box:

  1. DT340 Pipe Crawler with PTZ Camera Head
  2. DT340 Crawler Body
  3. DT320 Crawler Body
  4. Elevating Arm
  5. Rear-Facing Camera (DT340)
  6. Powered Reel
  7. 1,312 FT (400 M) Tether on Reel with Tether Length Counter
  8. Track Kit
  9. Wheel Sets (DT320)
  10. Wheel Sets (DT340)
  11. Handheld Controller
  12. Carrying Cases (2)

DT340 Information


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