DT320 6″ (150mm) | Crawler Only

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CCTV Pipe Crawler Add-Ons

Want to be able to take on 6″ (150MM) diameter pipes without investing in a full new crawler system? Add the DT320 Crawler body only and use your existing DT340 tether and controller to operate the DT320 crawler.


DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler Add-on for your DT340 Package


  • Small as 6″ (150 MM) Diameter Pipes
  • Stainless Steel
  • Battery Operated up to 8 Hours
  • Self-cleaning Tracks
  • Elevated Camera Head
  • Pan & Tilt Camera

The DT320 Mini Pipe crawler and the DT340 pipe crawler operate on the same controller and tether. For some customers, they purchase the DT340 as their main crawler but want to add the capability of getting into 6″ pipes. The DT320 fits into as small as 6″ (150MM) and can center its camera head in up to a 12″ (300MM) pipe.


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