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CCTV Pipe Crawler Add-Ons

Are you considering performing industry standard compliant inspections such as a PACP coded inspection to be NASSCO compliant? Or are you looking to have an efficient way to gather data from CCTV pipe inspections and organize and analyze it consistently, while creating a professional appearing deliverable? As the global leader in CCTV pipe inspection software, WinCan is a great product that integrates with Deep Trekker’s Pipe Crawlers. WinCan requires a laptop for its software, or opt to use your own computer or the Deep Trekker control console.


WinCan Asset Management and Pipe Inspection Software for Generation of Professional Quality Reports on Pipe, Manhole and Lateral Condition


  • NASSCO Compliant PACP Reporting
  • Record Video with your Observations
  • Measurement and Laser Modules Available

WinCan offers users an easy to use platform for data collection and analysis. WinCan’s software program operates from a computer, either simultaneously or after the inspection video is taken. The video is delivered from the camera device (a pipe crawler in this case) and is recorded by the program.

You can also name a pipe, identify its attributes (diameter, type of material, etc.) and log where the defects are located, its severity and repair strategies. The software compiles this data in an easy to digest format.

It also gives you a report in NASSCO compliant format to allow you to view yourself, or deliver to a customer whom you are inspecting for. In some modules of WinCan, you can tag pipes onto a GIS (Geographical Information System) map. The map allows you to visualize where “hot spots” are located or in other words where the majority of your repairs are required.


Available in 3 Different Packages:

  1. Lite
  2. Advanced
  3. Expert


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